ANET sp. z o.o.

With over two decades of experience in nutriction sector, ANET sp. z o.o. stands as the official distributor for trinamiX GmbH and BESTMIX® Software solutions.

Our journey, began over 25 years ago, and has been marked by an unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the nutrition sector. We’ve forged strong partnerships with companies across a vast region, encompassing Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Slovenia, and Georgia. In doing so, we’ve consistently delivered substantial value to our esteemed clients.

At ANET sp. z o.o., we excel in orchestrating international IT projects, handling everything from seamless implementation to comprehensive user training and dedicated post-implementation technical support.

Through our commitment to excellence, we continue to help shape the future of nutrition technology.

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