Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions

Empower Your Decision-Making with trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions

We all strive to make informed and healthy choices in our lives. Yet, sometimes, the information we can see with our eyes alone is just not sufficient. That’s where trinamiX steps in, offering you the key to making the right decisions through its innovative Mobile Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solutions.

Spectroscopy, a long-established industrial technique, has traditionally been confined to factory and laboratory settings. trinamiX rewrites the rules by making spectroscopy affordable and accessible like never before.

The device’s  innovation lies in proprietary and patented infrared detectors, capable of capturing light in a wavelength range of up to 3 μm—a critical region within the infrared spectrum. These trinamiX IR sensors, despite their compact size, boast exceptional detectivity. This unique feature allows creation of a potent, pocket-sized NIR spectrometer—a true ‘lab in your pocket.’

trinamiX is ushering in a new era of Mobile Spectroscopy Solutions, making cutting-edge technology available to individuals far beyond the confines of a laboratory. With this technology, you no longer need to dispatch samples to a distant laboratory. Instead, the laboratory itself comes to your sample, wherever you need it.

Welcome to the future of informed decision-making with trinamiX.

Exploring the Versatility: Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solutions

Elevate Feed Management with trinamiX's On-Site Feed Analysis

In the realm of feed management, achieving complete transparency regarding feed quality and nutrient composition is an absolute necessity. Whether you’re a livestock professional or a feed mill operator, trinamiX equips you with a powerful, on-site feed analysis tool that can transform the way you work.

trinamiX, recognizes the power of knowledge. That’s why they developed an innovative solution designed to enhance feed analysis for professionals across the spectrum. With this technology, you gain immediate access to critical data, enabling informed decision-making in real time.

Bid farewell to the uncertainties and delays associated with traditional feed analysis methods. trinamiX’s solution empowers you to optimize feed quality and composition on-site, ensuring the health and performance of your livestock or the efficiency of your feed mill operations.

Unlock the potential of on-site feed analysis with trinamiX.

Future applications with trinamiX

The benefits of NIR technology are not limited to feed analysis. Together with partners, trinamiX’s solution can open up new possibilities in other fields going forward. Food, for example, is another exciting application area. Enhancing processes across the food chain with the power NIR can help to create healthier choices, minimize food waste, and gain profound transparency.

Anet connects the industry with a solution that has the potential to create an impact.

Say goodbye to sending samples to the lab – with trinamiX, the lab comes to your sample.

Solving the Feed Industry's Toughest Challenges

In a partnership, BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX have united their strengths to introduce the trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution to the feed industry. This collaboration seamlessly blends BASF’s profound expertise in animal nutrition with trinamiX’s pioneering capabilities in mobile NIR spectroscopy, aimed squarely at conquering one of the feed industry’s most formidable challenges.

Empowering Precision Feeding from Start to Finish

In the realm of livestock farming, a deep understanding of the nutritional content and quality of feed materials is indispensable for achieving optimal and efficient feeding practices.

This journey begins with the sourcing and processing of top-quality ingredients at feed mills, culminating in precisely tailored diets on the farm. With trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, customers gain immediate, on-the-spot insights wherever feed ingredients and raw materials are handled, processed, or used in feeding operations.

trinamiX Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution offers a versatile array of applications:

  • Quality Assurance: Ensure the quality of ingredients and raw materials processed at feed mills and integrators with rigorous checks.

  • Farm-Level Formulation: Achieve precision in diet formulation right on the farm, tailoring feed to the unique needs of your livestock.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Maintain a watchful eye on feed and raw materials at farms, ensuring consistent quality throughout the production process.

Discover trinamiX's solution in Action

  • Experience firsthand how trinamiX solution revolutionizes needs-based feeding in our informative video clip.

Experience the power of a cloud-based ecosystem comprising a handheld device, a user-friendly smartphone app, and an interactive customer portal.

Why Choose trinamiX

  • User-Friendly: trinamiX’s handheld device offers effortless operation with just a single button press, ensuring an intuitive and easy-to-use experience.
  • Reliable Performance: Trust in the consistent performance of your device, even in challenging conditions.
  • Consistent Results: Whether you have one device or many, our technology delivers results that are consistently accurate and reproducible.
  • Effortless Connectivity: Seamlessly transfer data with a Bluetooth-connected device, making the process quick and convenient.
  • Scalability: High-quality IR chips, manufactured in state-of-the-art facility in Austria/Germany, ensure that trinamiX’s technology is not just reliable but also scalable to meet your evolving needs.
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